Radium Gallery

The Radium Gallery is an art event organised by the Mandril. The Mandril is a volunteer-runned cultural and political centre that has been around Maastricht since 2009. The MCPC stands for inclusiveness, freedom, non-profit and donation-based events, creativity, connection and exchange. Art is a huge part of the city of Maastricht. Having several art institutions and schools around and many young creative and hardworking artists, it seems like there’s not enough space for them to grow in a more professional and established environment while still keeping their freedom of expression and their liberty of creation. That’s why we, the Mandril, decided to open up a space in the building that hasn’t been used for much only as a hang-out and a im-just-passing-by-I-need-to-go-to-the-yoga-room place.

The Gallery is taking place over the course of four months, consisting of week-long exhibitions produced by local artists and creatives. The Radium gallery is not only meant to display art and give young artists a platform, but to also accentuate the significance of the place: free, accessible and unapologetically unbound from the limits of persuading institutions.

Art shouldn’t adhere to any limits. That’s why each artist has complete and utter freedom to explore any topics/themes they deem necessary to relay through their various works. The Radium Gallery will expose eight exhibitions on alternating weeks in a time span of four months. From nakedness to ugliness — an assortment of twenty authentic perspectives will fill the space with a wide range of their beautiful and not-so beautiful art.

Each artist will start their week with a vernissage and end their exhibition with a finissage. Expect day parties, performances, live music and art workshops. More info, such as opening-closing event and opening hours will be released with the event of each individual exhibition.

The whole Gallery will be donation-based. You can give donations to the artist, the Gallery or the Mandril. All causes are much appreciated.

Hope to see you soon at our Radium Gallery! ;)

March 12 – 19: Sàndor & Younes
March 25 – 31: Jacob Mather
April 8 – 14: Willow Elizabeth & Valentina Pimanova
April 22 – 28: Jeanne Luneau, Noel Haufs & Selina Fernandez Rumeu
May 6 –12: Sofia Fernandez Blanco
May 20 – 26: Bella & Stacy’s Mom
June 2 –9: Ola Gracjasz, Marika & Sepa
June 17 – 23: ZirQus
June 24 – July 3: Wim van der Velden + Radium collective