Of course we are not alone in the world and we could not be... These are some of the initiatives that we work with and love.


We share our building with another amazing project. The Kunstfront  brings together young and old, students and people with a disability, to  make art, music, or garden. They organize events, and offer various workshops and courses. 

Check out their website to find out more. 

Cultural Freezone Collective

We are part of the cultural freezone collective (CFC), which is a network of non-profit initiatives, self-organised volunteers, and independent spaces in and around Maastricht with an interest in fostering and enabling explicitly non-commercial, localised,  sustainable and self-sufficient cultural initiatives, to manifest and grow.

Find out more about the cultural freezone collective Maastricht. 


Also part of the CFC is the Landbouwbelang (LBB) - an environmentally friendly and non-commercial living and working community.  The LBB is home to various artist studios and work spaces, one of the largest exhibition and concert spaces in Maastricht, and initiatives such as Demotech, the Doorgeefwinkel, and the Foodbank

Curious to check it out?